Patreon Launch – Upstairs @Whelans September 29th

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a patreon page for Ann Scott funding and future releases, and will celebrate with full band show in Whelans September 29th.

Patreon is an antidote to the majority of exploitative music subscription services out there, aiming to put control back where it matters most; in the hands of musicians and paying fans. It allows you to subscribe on the basis of ongoing delivery of songs, ideas and other content. In contrast to the majority of Pledge or Fundit campaigns, which focus epic funding campaigns around the recording and release of a single album, Patreon facilitates greater access to new and varied content on a continuous basis. Our main feed is set at $3 US dollars per month and gives access to one creation per month. Sign up below or read more on the patreon page

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